As the centre turns its calendar to the last month this year, it is a crucial time within which lots of planning activities are taking  place towards drafting and finalizing on the calendar of events for the year ahead.  Lots of inputs have been put towards consulting with key partners to ensure that interested parties have their activities slotted into the calendar early enough. Some of the best lessons learned by all since the Centres’ inception indicate that indeed last minute bookings are increasingly decreasing avoiding disappointments where the centre is not able to accommodate some requests due to the increasing demand for use of its facilities to run courses.
The year 2015 saw a total of 24 courses successfully run at the centre. Some of the key highlights include;
•Hernia course in which a delegation sponsored by the Zambian Ministry travelled to Kenya for a 2-day course 
•4 days KESES laparoscopic suturing workshop
•Basic surgical skills course for 3rd year’ University of Nairobi medical students.
•Basic surgical skills course for Aghakhan University Hospital and University of Nairobi  residents
•Bridge to employment mentorship program for high school students sponsored by Johnson & Johnson CSR
•Outreach Basic Laparoscopic skills Course at Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in partnership with COSESCA.
As NSSC continues to grow and work towards providing practical training in surgical skills and management of surgical services, continuous evaluation and delegates feedback has been the main guide towards determining the courses that will run in the 2016 COE. Our endeavor to increase capacity and accommodate more delegates during courses has seen plans towards completion of the NSSC classroom which will have a capacity to hold up to 40 delegates. These efforts and confidence in the facility will see the centre host the orthopeadic symposium as the New Year commences.
Based on market needs and bridging training gaps, new courses have also been introduced such as the Thoracic Stapling Course/VATS as well as the Neuro Skull base course. A comprehensive calendar on the upcoming activities is available on http://nssc.co.ke/index.php/our-courses
As the Centre progressively works towards becoming a world class centre of excellence in training, efforts are being put towards its accreditation with international bodies.  We will continuously encourage training bodies to take advantage of the well equipped facility to run training programs. Kindly get in touch with the centre as early as now for any 2016 bookings.
Priscilla Waitimu.
NSSC Coordinator